Sketchbook 5!

These are some of the original sketches for ‘One Place to Another’ part 1, a short illustrated story that I recently published. Again working in the large sketchbooks really helped because I could see the story coming together over all and how the images would work next to one another. 

Also threw in a couple of colourful development sketches of La (the main character) being a bit melancholy.

Sketchbook- Four

I’ve recently moved form using A4/A5 sketchbooks to working mostly in A3. I’m liking the fact that I can see most of my ideas for one project on a single page. These are mostly from two poster commissions I worked on this month. As well as a little character development for a personal project. 

I had an idea about a year ago for a comic narrative project. I knew I wanted to have a main character be a kind of pivot point for the story and I wanted to experiment with size/perspective of the illustration in comparison to whatever page number in the book its on. 

But before thinking more on the second point I did a lot of sketches of the main character as such, i’m not 100% but I think her name will be La. 

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