Fiona McDonnell - Designer in Residence at Facebook Analog Lab Dublin. 

"Self-empowerment, the expression of individuality, and the DIY spirit that come from growing up immersed in punk culture in her native Belfast are the creative kindling that feed Fiona McDonnell's reflective and blazingly proud illustration work. But the idea of rejecting the status quo and doing things entirely on your own initiative brings with it inevitable moments of self-doubt that can strike even the most determined of trail-blazers.

Acknowledging this and trying to cope with the inner turmoils that drive creativity became a central theme to McDonnell's project in the Analog Lab in Dublin. How far can we go without becoming paralyzed by doubt? And, if we do start to question ourselves, what's the best way to process these insecurities?

Her 20-page Risograph zine aims to tackle precisely this—a playful moment of reflection to help you along with *most of* life's challenges. We can't fix them all, but a reminder once in a while to be kinder to ourselves can help." 

Switching Off/Always On - 3 Colour risograph print set.

Resistance Is... - 2 Colour risograph zine.

Mirror Messages - Typographic series, 3 colour risograph prints.

How To Fix Everything* - 20 page, 2 colour risograph zine.

All work created during 6 week residency at Facebook Analog Lab Dublin -  2018

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